Saturday, September 18, 2010

Silhouette- It's all about the pose!

Alright, so here is our second computer animation project for the year. It's another quick exercise like the walk cycle and we had about a week and a half to work on it. The basis of the project was that we were each given six words to choose three from. The three that we chose were the foundation of our animation and we had to get across those three emotions through our poses. The three words I chose were: hopeful, confused, and panicked. My story went something like this... Arti (the character) is hopeful that his love will come out from her window to see him, but gets confused when she doesn't end up coming out and finally panics when he hears her dad's voice yelling. Short and sweet, but it gives him some character. Enjoy!

Silhouette from Tim Palmer on Vimeo.

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