Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sit Stand!!!

Sorry it's been so long without a post... We've been working on the largest project of the year in our Computer Animation class, so it's been really busy. But here it is! This is my Sit Stand. The requirements were that the character comes into the scene, sits down, reacts to something, and leaves in a different manner. Sounds easy right...? No, not at all. It was quite the challenge to get all of this done and it has taken A LOT of time, but it has all been worth it. I'm quite pleased with my final product and I hope you enjoy it as well! Feel free to leave comments, feedback is always welcome!

PS: For this project, we came up with the story, designed the character, modeled the character (built him on the computer), rigged the character (made it so he could move)(including all of the facial expressions), did all of the textures and colors, modeled the environment, lit the scene, and animated it! Pheeewww

PPS:there is sound, so feel free to turn those speakers on :)

Sit Stand from Tim Palmer on Vimeo.