Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Girl and Her Dinosaur

So I just got back from my trek across the country and I saw a lot of new and exciting things! Going to places I've never been was super inspiring, especially places with such strong cultural backgrounds like AZ and Hawaii!

Ok, so anyway, while I was away I was inspired to write a new children's book!  This past year I took a children's book illustration course and since, have been captivated with the process of writing and illustrating my own books.  Although I have only completed the one from my class, I have begun multiple other concepts.  This one however has really grabbed ahold of me.

Above, is a small concept sketch I did of the two main characters: the girl, Lizzy, and her stuffed T-Rex, Toby. Keep an eye for updates on not only my book, but other pieces I'll be working on!

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