Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Character Scene

As the end of the year came around, so did stress!...Mostly caused by this! It was our final traditional project for the semester. Our requirements were to make a 10-20 second scene with our character. In the scene our character (Flint) had to have at least two expressive poses and he had to jump at least once. I decided to make Flint jump out of a plane. Although he does end up jumping, it is after some debate and gathering of courage. Unfortunately...he forgot the most important thing, nope not his parachute, for the plane to leave the ground! Oh ya, we also had to incorporate one sound effect, unfortunately it isn't working on here or at least it wasn't for me. Maybe it will for others, so unmute and see what happens, otherwise, imagine a whistle and a splat as he bounces out of the plane. Enjoy! Leave comments too! Crit is always helpful!

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  1. Hi, Tim,

    I "spoke" w/ your Dad on Facebook last night, and he directed me to your blog. Great work! I envy you going to Ringling and learning animation. Hope you have a blast!

    Jeff Pert